Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply for greenbox?
Regular students at Austrian universities or universities pf applied sciences, academies, vocational teacher training colleges, academies for social work or similar institutions. Equals are irregular students who prepare by taking a university course on a regular study or the university entrance exam and recipients of grants of public authorities.


How can I apply for greenbox?
The non-binding application is submitted electronically through our website. Click in the respective room on “APPLY”, fill in the form completely and send it off. The transmission can take several seconds. Then you will receive a reply e-mail that we have received your request and what documents we need from you. This can take serveral days.


When will I receive an acceptance or rejection?
We will contact you once we have received and reviewed the documents for your registration. An allocation is subject to availability of rooms for the winter semester until the end of May and for the summer semester of next year until the end of December.

What are the criteria for the allocation of a room?
The criteria for the allocation of a room in greenbox are:

a) social need, which is applicable analogously to the Student Support Act;
b) transcript of records similar to the Student Support Act after the third semester;
c) distance to the place of study;
e) social commitment;
f) chronological order of application.

For twin studies, only one study is used for the assessment of academic success.

Can I move in for one month?
During the academic year a short-term contract is possible, depending on the availability of a room.


When are the move-in and move-out times?
During office hours, you always can move in and out. After prior request with the administration, individual times are possible.

Do I have to vacate my room over the summer months?
No, we have annual contracts and you don’t need to vacate your room over the summer.

When does the contract start and how long is the term?
Basically, the contract starts on August 1st. The contract is concluded for twelve months, ending on July 31st of the following year. For freshmen, the contract period is two years of study, if this is requested.


What are the cancellation fees for non-use of an allocated room?
For cancellations before the start of the contract, the following charges apply:

100 Euro until 60 days,
200 Euro between 60 and 30 days and
300 Euro from the 30th day before the start of the contract.


How much is the deposit?
Since 01.01.2019 there is no deposit necessary.

Applications from students outside the European Union need to pay 2 monthly rents in advance.


What happens if I do not pass the entrance examination?
If you have an entrance exam and definitely don’t want to complete any other studies without entrance examination in Graz, please consult to the administration before signing the contract. Depending on the date of the entrance examination, we strive to provide a simple goodwill solution.


What is included in the monthly rent?
The monthly rent includes operating costs, taxes, electricity, water, heating and high-speed Internet, TV connection and the use of a gym and sauna (prior request).


Will additional costs incur?
There are no additional monthly costs.

When you sign the contract, there is a 90 € booking fee.


What are the payment options?
The rent is collected in advance by the 5th of each month by debit order from an SEPA-account. Your bank account has to be sufficiently covered for the recovery of the rent. Reminder charges and, due to the possible return resulting from insufficient funds, bank charges are passed on to you. By prior arrangement with the management also cash payments are accepted.


What happens to my room while I’m doing a semester abroad?
You move out regularly. Report to the management, if you want to come back to greenbox again after your stay abroad. As returnees you get preferred another room in your respective category.


When and where I have to conclude my residence registration?
Residents have to register within 72 hours after moving-in at the registration office. A copy of the certifficate of registration has to be handed in at the administration.

Residents are requested at moving-out to inform the Post office of the change of adress and arrange a redirectment order to their new address.

How are the rooms furnished?
Our single rooms are equipped with a bed, desk, chair, wardrobe, chest, bookcase and hanging shelf. There are hardly limits for more customization.


Can guest sleep over in my room?
The stay of guests is only permitted in agreement with the other residents and limited to two nights a week. Longer visits have to be reported to the Management and require their consent.


Does my room has to be cleaned by myself?
The apartments and rooms are basically to be kept constantly clean. To enable a peaceful coexistence in the residential communities, all residents must pay attention to cleanliness and leave the kitchen, sanitary and common spaces in clean condition after use.


How often my shared flat is cleaned?
On cleaning days, access to the apartments has to be granted for the staff for cleaning work, including preparation and control. The respective cleaning schedules are given to you by the management.


What are the rules for the use of washing machines and dryers?
The use of washing machine and dryer costs 1 euro per washing and drying cycle and is charged depending on the location on rechargeable laundry cards, NFC or coins.


What are the rules for the use of the Sauna?
Use of the sauna in greenbox is basically free.


What are the rules for the use of the party rooms?
The use of party rooms is free possible by appointment in the management for residents. It can, however, occur cleaning fees.


What are the rules for the use of the highspeed internet connection?
The use of network services is not part of the services that are delivered through the rent for the apartment, but an additional service, in collaboration with the ACOnet provided complimentary for residents. Registration takes place at the move-in at the management.

The basis for the use is the Acceptable Use Policy:


What happens in case of infringement of the house rules?
Residents infringing the House rule or the student house charter have to pay 100 EUR administration fee. Major infringements results in immediate cancellation of the contract of accommodation. Resulting costs and thus missing rents have to be paid by the responsible residents. Student residence student representative have to be heard before penalties are imposed.


What happens in disregard of statutory rest periods?
The disregard for the statutory rest periods constitutes a violation of the house rules and the student house charter and may also draw police actions by itself. Repeated violations will result in immediate dissolution of the use contract.